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A Quick Upgrade

What does it mean when you are obsessed and think about something all the time...that is me...with most things. I am a worrier. So I worried about the Betta in the bowl so I googled and found out he would be better in a bigger tank...nothing super big but definitely something with filtration and more room. So I picked up a 3.7 gallon and set it up.

King Arthur getting acclimated

Here he is getting acclimated to the new tank. It took a few hours from beginning till you really add him. I put some of his old water in with this tank as well. I also grabbed some more live plants.

King Arthur new tank in day

I have the pump turned to the lowest and the air coming out still seems a bit much if he crosses the vent dealiebob, I will watch him for a few days and if I worry about it (I am...) I will go to the store and talk to the guy he was so helpful before.  I did unplug it when I fed him so the food did not swirl around. He finally ate too...yay! Picked up some different food. This is just for blue Betta's...how the heck did he know?

King Arthur at night

Here he is at night. Way cool right? Not sure I will leave it on or not. I told Jeff to turn it off when he gets up to go to work. I hate seeing the plug in but I like him angled in the corner.

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