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He's Magical

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I always feel that my hubby is magical.  We met in an odd way, he has almost been killed in freak accidents a couple times.

When he hugs me he makes everything ok. He can do anything. He puts up with my weirdness. He completes me.

So we talked about putting up the Christmas tree this weekend.  I was out in my studio and he comes out and says "are you coming to watch Outlander?" and I hopped right up and skipped to the couch. I love me some Jamie and Claire, don't ya ken? I love that we watch it together. We are Jamie and Claire.

Oh it was a good one that is for sure and I can't believe we have to wait so long between the seasons.

So after it was over I said "oh the tree" and Jeff blinks his eyes and nods his head like he is doing a magic trick and says "there ya go". I laughed and did the same thing back to him...blink my eyes, nod my head and I say "there it's decorated" and he said "no it's not" and he nods to the front room.  

I got up off the couch and walked around the corner, and I started laughing, I fell to the floor almost peed my pants pajamas (it was that kinda day).  The freaking tree was up!  I had walked right by and never saw it. He even had it plugged in and the lights were on! (ok so it is one that the lights are always on...but still).

He said with a gleam in his eye "I know magic, you don't"  Yes honey you sure do. I love ya babe!

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I better get off here, I got a tree to decorate!