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24 Hrs.

Diana catheter

When does 24 hours seems like forever? When you have a catheter in your nose and throat running down to your stomach.  Holy Moly and I thought I would be back home and working...well there were more wires than I thought, I didn't realize I would have this thing on my neck. So I did not get much done as I was afraid I would yank a wire by mistake and pull the danged thing out. As for sleeping, have you tried sleeping with this blinding blue light under your chin? Ha! I just kept saying this is nothing, many  more people have worse going on right now.

So this morning we go back to the hospital and they take it out. I hope it comes out easier than yesterday's for the motility test, that one was bigger, but man she yanked that out quick.  She was the best nurse though, talked me through it and kept me calm. I felt like I was on an episode of Gray's least I had my McDreamysteamy beside me the whole time.

Speaking of my hubby, it is our 33rd Anniversary today! Happy Anniversary honey!!  What fun eh? To spend part of it getting my tube yanked...but let me tell you I can't wait to blow my nose and eat something and swallow without feeling that thing in there. I told Jeff I will probably get pneumonia or something cause this can not be good for your throat having that foreign thing in there. He just rolled his eyes...gotta love me...and he does.

I will be back later to post Classes in the Mail for November and my INKcentive as well. Thanks for being so patient and understanding.

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Have an awesome Wednesday OMG! it's Thursday and thanks for stopping in.