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So today the baseboard guy came and got them all installed and painted and now we can start to put stuff back in the rooms. One thing Jeff was adamant about was getting storage units to put our crap, ok not crap, but stuff on, you know boxes of old taxes, holiday stuff, you name it, stuff that was jammed in the closets.  So I am been purging and have it whittled down some, so Jeff could not wait to put these together. He said "they are food grade" so I guess that means we can load them up for the zombie apocalypse.  My sweet and talented friend Leslie said she could make me a curtain to cover it.  Then I think the house computer desk will go in front of it, and I have fun plans for the front room that the computer is in now.  Think man room, with the bear rug on the wall already and a few other "kills" I want it to be a nice sitting area. 

So when Eden got here to do the baseboards Jeff said "if you need help just let me know, I have nothing to do today" and Eden told Jeff "nope I am good" but I heard this little conversation and I was like "Oh honey remember you said you would build me a monitor stand?"  Eden laughed and said "you should never say you are bored or have nothing to do". I was going to buy one and he said he could do it. I recently have moved my work computer to my stamp desk and have set up my old computer area as a permanent video place...yay more videos!!!  But the laptop took up space with my monitor, so tada!

Monitor stand watermarked

He measured and asked what I had in mind and he whipped this up today, it is kinda hard to see cause I had him paint it to match the desk. But now the laptop slides under, I just have to pull it out to turn it on once in a while. Gotta love a handy honey.

Video station watermarked              

Here is how I set up for my videos now. No more taking it down in between, yay!

So after the baseboard guy was done I sealed the grout (while Jeff put the storage shelves together), we went out to dinner and came back we said "we are at least putting our bed together so we can sleep in it tonight!"  All three of us are happy. What three? Gee Di what kinda outfit you got running there?  I mean Toby, every night he would go to our bedroom to go to bed and it was empty...you had to carry him to the guest room...silly pup. He was so happy to see that bed go together...so were we.


Wow this lighting makes the yellow look more yellow than it really is. It is actually So Saffron, I took cardstock and had the store match it. I think all our rooms have Stampin' Up! colors on the wall. My studio is Certainly Celery and Old Olive.  But I can not wait to sleep in my bed. So that means I am signing off, this old body is tired.

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