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How much stuff do you think a person can cram in a closet? Or under a bed? I mean is that not what a bed skirt is for? To hide stuff. We are having the carpet replaced in our bedroom and the spare room with new tile that looks like wood.I can't wait. But holy moly we have stuff stacked everywhere now, I really need to purge. What is hard is looking at stuff that was Eric's when he was little (his first backpack) or things that we had planned to pass onto Grandkids, that we won't have now.

What do you do with that kind of stuff?  We can not agree on what to do with the spare room? Ideas? Jeff says shelves for storage and I am not thinking I want that kind of look, but we really do  not need to set it up as another bedroom necessarily, I would love to move the house computer and desk in there as a den kinda idea. Thoughts? What would I even look up on Pinterest? Spare Room? Extra Room?

How many pairs of shoes do you think I have? How about jeans? Oh and purses...although every time Jeff comments on how many "handbags" I have I giggle...he says handbag...that is so British right? and I am the Canadian one.

Oh well I better get back to helping, did I tell you we are painting too?

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