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Studio Tips

I guess these would be called tips...these are a couple things I use and love in my studio anyway.

Metalic bowl for framelits - Bloomeriefabrics

This is a little metal bowl with a strong magnet on the bottom this is what I use to keep my dies in when I am using them at class or working on a swap, as soon as I remove the die from my cardstock it immediately goes in the dish, this way I don't lose a die in between cardstock, or getting dropped on the floor as the magnet holds it firm. Once we are done at class or my prep they go back in their storage envelope but this saves them from getting lost in between times. My sweet friend Leslie got me this cute one. I had originally bought one off of Amazon, a silver one and it reeked so bad (like rubber tires or gas or something), I gave it to Jeff for his shop .

Another little diddy I use in my studio is called a Coconut Salt Cellar and I got it off of Amazon and it did not reek at all...ha!

Coconut Salt Cellar to hold absorber

Are you saying what the heck is that for? Do you eat french fries in your studio and need to salt them? Do you have some cool salt technique we need to know about?

Absorber inside coconut

Nope, it holds my absorber shammy thing.

Lydia Fiedler told me about the absorber (also off of amazon...although you can get similar things at Home Depot..etc.) and what it is is a shammy style rag.


It is big so you cut it to the size you want.  The one in the pic looks different as I have several different brands.  They are like those things you wet and ring out and wrap around your neck to keep cool.

You wet it and wring it out but it holds the dampness and it is perfect for washing your photopolymer stamps.  Baby wipes break down and get lint everywhere, we don't have a cat and I can only imagine a house that has a cat the lint and cat hair that would cling to your photopolymer stamps.  No more, just wipe them clean with this and no it! At class everyone gets their own to use...minus the salt cellar.

Now Lydia had this other kinda salt cellar with a rubber closing mouth thing and I can not find it anywhere. I think they are from the planet mars or I looked on Amazon and googled salt cellar and this came up and people even had commented that they used it for their shammy so I got it and I love it.  It keeps it moist for days, it has a little gap so it won't get moldy.  Just wring it out and clean it once in a while (you can even toss it in the washing machine...just don't put it in the dryer).

So there ya have it a couple little tips today. What do you love to use in your studio...that not necessarily was made for crafting?

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