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Who Said Turtles are Slow?

When I went out to feed this morning, I gabbed to Jeff a bit and then I was in the back yard and out of the corner of my eye I saw something...not a lizard, not a horny toad, not a...ugh scorpion...but a turtle...and he was moving along at a great speed.


I took a double take...a turtle?  Ok so the kid in me was like can I keep him? So I had Jeff come over and he said it was a box turtle. He said they are great escape artists.

Turtle in shell

Look how adorable he is all stuck in his shell, I mean he looks like a little dinosaur. 

So I don't know if this is silly or what but I think God made me see this little creature, cause if I had not he would have just kept walking and I am sure a dog would have killed him.

So I put him in a plastic tote (let him escape from there) and looked up on the internet what to do.  Jeff called our neighbor as his Aunt used to raise them.

Sure enough this little guy had escaped from the neighbors, they just got him a couple days ago and did not even know he was missing. Hopefully they will get him a houdini proof living arrangement cause the chances of this happening again are probably nil. Although that horny toad showed back up after a month didn't he?

My good deed for the day was done.

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