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Happy Birthday to...

Jade Happy Birthday!


Diana 52

...me. Jade's birthday is April 8 and mine is the 10th so it was fun to celebrate together and with all my family that is here. Jade is so beautiful, I always say if Jeff and I had a daughter she would look like Jade, she reminds me a lot of me growing up...she has my fun fang teeth I had before I got braces.

Just poppin' in to let you know we are alive and well, and enjoying the family...and the cake, and the Canadian treats, can't you see how I am hiding behind the chair? But ugh look at my fat face! Well it is 52 years old so I guess it could be worse.

At least I am smiling half decent, most pics are like this...

Jax and Di

...that's me and my little sister Jacqui or Jax...Jade's Mum...I need to get to taking more pics, or I will be stealing all of Jacqui's, I've just been living the moment and not taking pics...that is good right?

Will head out to the retreat house (it is where I hold my Country INKers Retreat) but my family is renting it this week (Mum, Courtney and the littles leave tomorrow)...Daphne thought we were saying Tree House so now we say Tree house. Ha!

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Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.