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Country INKers Spring Retreat 2017

Country INKers Retreat Pillow Gift Key Ring

I will be sharing retreat fun here for a bit while I try to play ketchup with my business and house as well. April was a busy month with family visiting and my retreat, now it is back to bizness!

The last day of the retreat I got up to go pee at 5am (I know TMI) and when I got back to climb in bed I felt a horrible pain...been living in AZ since 1985 and this is my first and hopefully the last scorpion sting.

There was a little scorpion on the floor and I must have ticked him off, thank God it was me that got it and no one else, or my family the week before.  I killed him good with a shoe. Wendy looked on the phone what to do and she got me ice, Tracy gave me some tylenol for the pain, but within 15 minutes my tongue and lips were numb, my nose and throat felt funny, and my eyes were weird. So off Tracy and I went to the ER. By the time I got there, probably half an hour from the sting, I could not even control my eyes and my leg kept having spasms.  

They gave me 3 antivenoms, 2 pain things and a naseau, 6 1/2 hours later we were back at the retreat house and I slept most of the day...the toe is still numb today, so weird eh? So I apologize for not being with it for the last few days.

But hey look at this cute little pillow gift the girls got.

Key Ring Sparkle Country INKers Retreat

So sweet eh? I loved sneaking their presents onto the bed. Tracy was doing it too when we came and stamped in my studio.  Hee! Hee! I want my retreats to feel like Founder's Circle felt and I hope Tracy and I do that.

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