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Painting Party!

Houses primed for painting

Ok it wasn't really a party cause I was stuck inside the house as it was all masked up for painting, I felt like the end of ET. Luckily I had nowhere to go today and lots to do inside, but it was so hard not being able to peek outside the windows.

windows masked up for painting

This was the view...ha!

OMG all the picture taking I did for Eric's house I forgot to take before pics of ours. So as I was inside our painter took a pic and posted it on FaceBook so I could see it being started. This is after the houses had been primed and the accent started.

our house painted

This is pretty much done, just a bit of touch ups to do, the doors have not been painted yet, the front doors will be red. They will be back Sunday to finish up.

Eric's house painted

Look how cute Eric's house is. His door will be red too.

I almost bawled in the restaurant tonight. We were talking about tonight is the last night Eric will sleep under our roof in his own bed and bedroom. He said "are you going to miss me?" I had to quickly look away and think of something else.  He is only 25 feet away, but it is still going to be such a change for all of us.

Well this is quick, I have my downline make n takes n lunch tomorrow, and Eric gets moved tomorrow. Also the big house gets the framing starting tomorrow...can you say yowza!!!

Here's a little sneak of my swap. 

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