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Paint and Cabinets

bedroom door

Over the weekend, Eric's house got painted inside.  We went with Swiss Coffee for the color, he wanted it bright and one color. One time when we were on vacation we told him he could paint his bedroom, we came home and he had painted it gray and flat basically the room sucks your aura out I swear, so I do believe he could feel it when he decided to go bright! That is one thing I can't wait to do when he moves out is paint his old room.

closet painted

It's amazing what a little bit of paint does eh? Although I say that and I didn't have to paint it, our painter is so good and so professional. He had to do a lot of prep, caulking, priming, painting, sanding, painting...I am tired just thinking about it.

closet doors

The doors have not been painted yet, the painter will do that near the end once everything is done so the other trades are not smacking into the paint, same goes with the walls he will do a final coat after it is all ready when he comes to paint the outside.

kitchen painted

The kitchen all painted..but look what it looks like as of today.

kitchen cabinets

So cool eh? We will have the fridge delivered next week after the tile is laid.

Eric's tile

Here is the tile, I love it.

I swear Jeff is going to hate me by the time this is over, cause I want to do upgrades to our house now...ha! Well it has been almost 20 years.

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