Christmas Bingo
December's Class in the Mail ~ Falling Flowers

Take a Picture...'ll last longer.

Remember saying that as a kid if someone stared at you for a long time? Well you didn't say it out loud to the person staring but you would say it to your friend that you were with under your breath like...ha! OMG! I remember one time we were in a car with friends and he got honked at and I remember him yelling out "your horn works, try your lights!" and I thought that was the funniest thing to say at the time. What sayings do you remember from as a kid?

Back to the picture... we had so much fun at Bingo yesterday, I totally forgot to take any pictures as we were playing and stamping.

In February I will, I probably need to do two sessions next time since I have not even announced the date (except to the girls that were here) and it is almost full already.

I am so glad they had fun. I did too.

So with that lovely post...with no picture. I will say have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.