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Christmas Bingo

Retiring List and Year-End Close Outs - Supplies are Limited for Some

Hey. Chick Cards Giveaway

Quick post, I have Christmas Bingo in my studio tomorrow and still need to do a few things...

Christmas Bingo prizes

...here are the prizes! So fun!

We did some Christmas shopping today, we have not been so excited for a Christmas since Eric was little as we are getting him stuff for his new house.  We got it all wrapped and put under the tree and one tag said that one was from Toby, so Eric was trying to get Toby to scratch the wrap and tear it so that he could see what it was...crazy nut!

Chicken Calendar

Speaking of crazy nut, look at this fun calendar we saw...I should have got it. I love this picture cause the chicken is hilarious and cause I can see Jeff's thumb in it and I always tease him how much I love his hands and especially his cute thumbs...poor guy what a loon I am. Ha!

Well I better get back to work.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.