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I am not sure I have mentioned on my blog before that we have an acre and a quarter for sale. Here is a link if you want to check it out.   It can be built to suit. We can recommend a great builder. In fact he built our home and will be building Eric's little house too.

I don't think I have talked about that we are going to build Eric a little house beside our house so he can have some independant living but we are still here to supervise him.  He can not live alone and we don't want to put him in a group home. So we sat down as a family with his HAB guy and his state rep and this works out for the best.  When we bought the 3 acres gosh almost 20 years ago we bought it as an investment. So by selling the acre and a quarter it will let us build Eric a little house. He is excited and we are too.

I've been binge watching Andy Griffith while I cut 300 Christmas cards, and I don't know if that is a good thing. I mean it is a good show, but after a while I am like SHAZAM! They repeat the story lines over and over and if I have to see that rock throwing Ernest T. or the Darlings one more time I will lose my mind.  I'm even getting a bit tired of ol' "Barn"...and who the heck is Juanita? I also notice that there must not have been many actors back then as they have repeat actors playing different roles all the time. The butcher from The Brady Bunch is on it all the time, either a bad guy or a good guy...heck Gilligan was on it the other day playing Dud or something like that. I guess watching it once a week it was not as bad, but I do love watching Opie. Makes me want to binge watch Happy Days and see how it can grate on my nerves after a while too.

So if you buy the property and build a house, I promise not to be a bad neighbor and drive you fact just think of the fast commute to my stamp studio for class? Speaking of which I have my last Christmas card class tomorrow so I better get off here and hit the hay.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.