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Online Extravaganza November 21 - 28 ~ Don't Miss It!

Last Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mails

It's always a little sad this time of year as I mail off the last of the Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail kits. No more till 2017.  Although it will come quick the way time flies.

Now to get the regular Class in the Mail kits ready to go and I can think about my Stamping With Di Christmas Bingo coming up in December. If you live local there are only a couple seats left. Make sure to sign up for my E-Newsletters (on the right hand side you can sign up) that way you don't miss events and classes.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and you have some left overs to eat for the next couple days...or weeks (since us 3 had a ten pound ham!)

Have an awesome Friday and if you are going out to shop please drive careful and thanks for stopping in.


Happy Thanksgiving

Several of you have asked about the girls so I took some pictures of them tonight before I fed and during.

Where's the grub?

This is Rhoda saying "Where's the grub? You usually have grub". She is molting on the side of her neck so she looks crooked.


My favorite Mary is always by my side. I can recognize her "cry" from anywhere.


Edith is my favorite of the ducks and the lowest in the pecking order had to come say hi.

Gobble Gobble

They kept pecking on my shirt as I was bending down getting pics, so I fed them. Gobble!! Gobble!! They are saying "Boy we are glad we are not a turkey or a pig this time of year."

P.S. The ducks wanted me to post a better without a chicken in it. Such is named after Phyllis Diller after all.

The Divas

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


I got balls...

Online Extravaganza November 21 - 28 ~ Don't Miss It!

Thanksgiving Cake Pop Balls Display Diana Gibbs

...cake pop balls that is.

Remember when I had my Country INKers Spring Retreat last year and I had these adorable cake pops made?

Country INKers Spring Retreat 2016 Cake Pops Diana Gibbs

Chickens and adorable.

Kim Barrett and I - Cake Pop 101 class

Well this very talented lady made them. This is Kim Barrett and she has a FaceBook page called Cakepops 101 and she teaches classes in Chandler, so my buddy Melissa and I took her Thanksgiving class tonight.

Cake Pops 101 Class

I had tried to make them years ago when the cabinets were installed in my studio, we had like a grand re-opening kinda thing and OMG! they looked ok and were delicious but they were hard to do. So I totally wanted to learn from the best. We each had a set of tools and off we went.

Rolled balls

Rollin' rollin' rollin...I got my balls all rolled.

Balls on a stick

Then I got them on their stick. That was the easy part.

My cake pop balls all ready to dip

Don't I look so proud? I did that. No mess either. Ok...I did wear gloves at first but then I took them off when I saw that it was not that messy...and we did wash our hands...and I am making them for my guys...we have all the same germs right?

Dipped cake pops

Here they were after rolling in the melted chocolate and before being decorated.


Some didn't make it...rats I had to eat the evidence. Not as bad as Lucy and the candy balls. Plus a couple were saved for the piece de resistance - la turkeys...that is french not Turkeys from LA.

Making our turkeys

We made adorable turkeys and these were so fun.

Turkey cake pops

Gobble till you wobble...well I did eat a couple duds and the yummy sugar cookies Kim made us. I won't sleep for a while.

Making centerpiece

We wrapped them up and put them in these cute little buckets for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. I was surprised they all fit. But thank goodness I had eaten those couple or it could have been a disaster.

Mel and I with our finished displays

Melissa and I and our precious Cake Pop Displays. I even wore my apron that Leslie made me just in case there was chocolate flying...Mel can be a wild cook...ha! I love all Kim's platters and tiers behind us.

Ride home

All snug in the cupholder so they don't go flying around in my car on the way home. I can't wait till the guys see them tomorrow. I have them hidden in my studio so they don't eat any for breakfast.

Even with my sugar buzz I better hit the hay...I can always read a bit till I get sleepy. I have stopped reading Outlander for a while and am reading a Black Dagger Brotherhood book.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in. 



Here For You ~ Stampin' Up!

Online Extravaganza November 21 - 28 ~ Don't Miss It!

Fox Builder Skunk  Here for You Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

A few months back I made a panda card with this little punch guy. Then I added a tail and some other pieces of cardstock and turned him into a skunk and then he sat on my desk all this time...waiting for this greeting. I thought I owned every set in the book...but nope, well that stinks I didn't have this one.  So I finally ordered it and finished the card. Now the little stinker can stand on the shelf instead of lay on my desk.

Fox Builder Here for You Skunk punch art Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

Earn Free Stamps and Shop Online: For your convenience, just click on any of the pictures below and you can shop online:

So do you ever watch a TV show and think hey that is so and so from this show? I mean we are watching Westworld and the red head dude that works in the lab is in the dominos pizza commercial. But at least that is the same time period. I am watching...yes still watching...the "Andy Griffith Show" and tonight there was an episode where Goober went on a date with a Lydia played by Josie Lloyd and I was like hey that looks like Bonnie played by Liza Weil from "How to Get Away With Murder" but then  I was like well heck it sure can't be. But what do you think?

Josie Lloyd Andy Griffith Liza Weil How to Get Away With Murder
Isn't that an uncanny resemblance? Lydia even played an odd little woman on the AGS and Bonnie can be the same way on HTGAWM. Maybe she is related somehow.

Well that might be on one of those shows where you search for your long lost relatives.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.


Acorny Thank You ~ Mimeograph Monday & More

Online Extravaganza November 21 - 28 ~ Don't Miss It!

Shop 24/7 Diana Gibbs

There is so much going on today to be excited about...Online Extravaganza starts today!! This sale runs from November 21 - November 28. But don't miss the 24 hour specials on the 21st...TODAY... and the 28th, if you need a Hostess Code let me know before you start your order.

And, drum roll please...

Over the Border

...OMG! I am so thrilled to share this great news. My sweet and talented friend Sandi MacIver and I have teamed up to bring you a new feature on our blogs called Over the Border. Today we are both doing a Mimeograph Monday & More using Acorny Thank You.

I have known Sandi for many many years, we are both canucks, but she lives in Canada and I live in the US. So if you live in the US I can help you and if you live in Canada, Sandi can help you.  Sweet eh?

Let's check out this week's fun video.

 Wanna see the cards up close? Here ya go.

Acorny Thank You Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

Here is the one cased right out the catalog, page 36.

Acorny Thank You Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

I love all the details and layers.

Acorny Thank You Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

This one I tweaked it up a bit, added some more stamping on the side, changed the doily and added a circle of Crumb Cake in the doily center. I added some different kinds of ribbons and I also used the acorn image with the lines in it.

Acorny Thank You Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

Looks a little more feminine doesn't it?

Acorny Thank You Santa's Sleigh Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

I loved the layout but thought it would be fun to do a Christmas card.

Acorny Thank You with Santa's Sleigh Mimeograph Monday and More Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

Using the Wild Wasabi Designer Series Paper Collections with the dots makes the tree look like it has white lights on it...or in Canada snow!!

Earn Free Stamps and Shop Online: For your convenience, just click on any of the pictures below and you can shop online:


Now let's head "Over the Border" to Sandi's blog and see what she did. I know she will knock your socks off.

Over the Border Sandi and I

In the US - Click here to order from Diana  OR   In Canada - Click here to order from Sandi

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.