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I'm not a Doctor...

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...nor do I play one on TV...or in a restaurant...but what would have been the harm really?  Ha! I am a "card"-i-ologist!!

We went out to eat at a local restaurant and while we were waiting for the waitress my phone rang, I wear a dealie around my neck which is the blue tooth for my cell phone that feeds to my hearing aids. So I was talking into it when the waitress came to the table, I was quickly trying to tell the person I would call them back...and the waitress asked Jeff "is she a doctor?"

He laughed and told her no.  He laughed...what could I not be a doctor?  OK I am a germafobe and don't like blood and guts but maybe I was giving step by step instructions to another Doctor to remove a bunyon, I don't even think I can spell bunyon let alone remove it, but still...what would it have hurt? Ha!

I got this cute swap from my downline Elena Reylek at OnStage and we did it at class last weekend, so I had to share it here so you could make it too! Thanks Elena!

 Just think you could make these year round just change the cardstock and DSP.

Candy Cane Lane DSP Treat Holder with Diana Gibbs

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