I got balls...

Happy Thanksgiving

Several of you have asked about the girls so I took some pictures of them tonight before I fed and during.

Where's the grub?

This is Rhoda saying "Where's the grub? You usually have grub". She is molting on the side of her neck so she looks crooked.


My favorite Mary is always by my side. I can recognize her "cry" from anywhere.


Edith is my favorite of the ducks and the lowest in the pecking order had to come say hi.

Gobble Gobble

They kept pecking on my shirt as I was bending down getting pics, so I fed them. Gobble!! Gobble!! They are saying "Boy we are glad we are not a turkey or a pig this time of year."

P.S. The ducks wanted me to post a better picture...one without a chicken in it. Such Divas...one is named after Phyllis Diller after all.

The Divas

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.