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Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

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Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

I remember years ago I watched an episode of the The Little Rascals and it was Spanky and he was bug huntin' with a hammer. So cute.  So last night I had the girls running around the yard...I don't do it often anymore since we got the ducks cause I can't leave the run door open, I don't want the ducks it is only once in a blue moon. So last night Jeff pulled back an old pallet and the bugs were everywhere so the girls had a good feast before bed. I mean Aunt Bea's crop was so full it was bouncing.

Bug Huntin' with the Chucks

I put a pail inside the hen house so the ducks could not get in there and out the hen house door...I had it open so the girls could go in and out of there if they wanted. Of course as soon as the ducks saw that bucket they had to be right at it to see what they were missing. Silly ducks!

Here's a quick video...

So fun right? If your neighborhood allows chickens and or ducks I would highly recommend them.

Bug Huntin' with the Chucks 008

I'm gonna say goes..."The End"

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in...oh me I am off to do tomorrow's Mimeograph Monday & More card and video...see ya back here tomorrow.