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Spring Fling is tomorrow, yay! Lots of cutting, stuffing, more cutting and more stuffing going on.  Here's a few of the stamp sets everyone will be getting, the rest are packed in their swag bag.

Stamps sets Spring Fling 2016

Jeff has been watching American Idol since it is the last one (I'm not a fan of J-Lo so stopped watching it when it became the J-Lo show) but Harry and Keith...yes please....and as I walk by the TV now and then I catch someone singing or Jeff will say this one is good. So one night I watched and it was the guy with mono (Trent Harmon is his name - I googled it - nicer than saying mono guy)...not sure you know me but (shaking  your hand Hi then I will reach in my purse for some hand sanitizer - really it's not you, it's me!) I am a germafobe.

So anyway they made it look like this Trent guy had sat beside this other guy all day, sweaty and sick and he finally is like "oh I have mono!"  You have what???? Who switches out these mics between singers and do they?  How many are singing, 100? do they have 100 mics? My skin was crawling...I felt sweaty and was that a sore throat I was feeling?

So last night I asked Jeff and he said yes Trent was still on and he called me when they brought him on to see if he was being kicked off or as he leaves the auditorium he is wiping his mouth with his hand (he is still sick mind you), and then he high fives Ryan with that hand as he leaves...good heavens, they will all be sick before this is over.

So I don't know many but just seeing the little bit with Jeff I like the cute guy Dalton Rapattoni (my fave pasta) and the girl Jenn Blosil (love she is a little weird).  It was nice to see Shelbie Zora make it as I remember her from the Voice.  Two hair comments, La'Porcha Renae's hair scares the crap out of me, but her baby is adorable. Joe Anglim (oh sweet Joe) on Survivor could rock that man bun, but Jordan Sasser not so much, liked it better down.

That's it for the American Idol chat...should I say goodbye to the last season like I used to with my two cents worth of an opinion after each show...this kinda reminded me of the old days.

I gotta git...still stuff to be done for tomorrow.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.