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Star Wars ~ The Force Awakens

Star Wars

So we went to the movie...and here are some of my observations...not spoilers cause that would make me mad if I read about it first without seeing it (geesh we only just saw all of them for the first time a month or so ago so that is good as it was all fresh in our minds)...we thought we would go early Sunday morning to the first viewing since it would be less crowded...ummmm everyone else got that memo too. We had to go to a 45 minute later one as the one we were going to was almost full...who wants to sit with  your nose touching the screen? Why do they even have those seats on the floor? I say use that space for snacks and beverages so you don't have to leave the theater? Heck maybe even a johnny on the spot with a window so you can pee and watch...ok maybe not that...sorry I lost track...here ya go...observation time...

If you can not go longer than 2 minutes without coughing perhaps you need to go see the movie another time.

While waiting for the movie to start I don't care if you play games on your phone...but feel free to MUTE it, I am deaf and could hear the danged thing.

If your kid spills popcorn all over the floor at the steps tell the theater cleaner people so they can take care of it so people are not stepping all over it and grinding it into the carpet.

Don't be afraid to ask me what I am carrying in or out of the theater (just so you know it is the closed captioning thing) that is much nicer than just staring at me and wondering what it is I am carrying.

There was a little bit of SU! in the movie...it looks like this...

Botanical Gardens DSP

at least I thought so...you'll know it when you see it.

If your wife says oh no a bouncy kid is sitting in front of me...don't call her a big baby...ok that one is personal...ha!

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.