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It's a Treat not a Trick!! ~
Double Country Dozen Rewards ~ Two Days Only!



AAA Country Dozen Reward Eggs Pic

I hope you are enjoying my Country Dozen Rewards.  I want to thank everyone who has participated so far and I hope you are enjoying your free stamps, make sure to keep track of your orders as well as the order dates, so your eggs don't expire.



As a way to Thank You for picking me as your Stampin' Up!  Demonstrator and to show my appreciation for your patience while I was sick, I thought how about Double the Country Dozen Rewards?





October 30 - October 31 until midnight, it's my treat and you will be earning double eggs, when you place an online order through my store that totals $40.00 before tax and shipping you will earn not 1 egg, but 2, order $80.00 before tax and shipping and you will earn 4 eggs, and so on. Cool eh?

The catalog is full of amazing stuff, and the Holiday catalog is overflowing with goodies, plus the clearance rack has some bargains too, so I am pretty sure you can find a few things you must have.

Please keep in mind the Country Dozen Rewards are for on-line orders only. Club orders, workshop orders, classes in the mail, product shares, etc. don't count, thanks for understanding. 


After you have earned a Dozen eggs you can pick a stamp set any price as a Thank You from me.


I will verify the dates when you turn your reward sheet in so make sure to mark your sheet accordingly and write double points with the dates!!!


Here is the flyer so you can print it out and keep track.  It also explains all the other details about the rewards program.


Stampin' Rewards

Please remember that when you place an order that totals at least $150.00 (before tax and shipping) you have earned Stampin' Rewards, but you have to be ordering through my on-line store in order to get them, so please use the link below to get there directly. The ordering system will ask you for your choices before you close the order.
Here is the link to make it easier:
Please note that this rewards program is being offered by me, Diana Gibbs only, and not Stampin' Up!


If you have any questions, please let me know, you can email me at or call me at 602-339-2776

Haunt Ya Later ~ Stampin' Up!

This Week's Deal

Clearance Rack is Updated

7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

Haunt Ya Later Class in the Mail Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up!

I hope I didn't lose ya with all my being gone!!

I'm almost human!! Yay!  I'm on the otherside of the recovery hump.  I felt better yesterday and today is good too.  I was able to work all day yesterday and actually have an appetite too which is good, although with all the meds I was taking I did not lose any weight with all this crap.  Definitely need to get back on a better eating regimin. I'm probably the heaviest I have been in years. Not good as extra weight affects my back and not to mention I can't fit into any of my jeans and it is cooling off a bit here.

I don't think I have shared all the cards from my Haunt Ya Later Class in the Mail.

This cutie is cased from my friend Connie Babbert, Thanks Connie!!

We actually have three wild kittens (I think I talked about them before being born under the grill in the back)  I see them now once in a while a bit bigger, I don't see the Mum anymore, not sure if she was like "you kids are on your own". There are two black and one orange, they are big enough to be on their own so maybe she did. You know she always wanted to be on Broadway. "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and "Cats" were where she felt the calling. Unfortunately she picked up when "Mamma Mia" called. Good luck to her.

Haunt Ya Later Diana Gibbs Stampin' Up! Connie Babbert case

Earn Free Stamps and Shop Online: For your convenience, just click on any of the pictures below and you can shop online:

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.



Hot Date With Jewelry
Wrong Kinda Bling


Who loves a hot date with a little bling on your arm?

Well I do, but this was not it.  I had a reaction to the pain meds and ended up in the ER.  I was so loopy and so relaxed and all sweaty.  I had no strength to even put on my shoes, Jeff had to do that. I was so tired but afraid if I fell asleep I would stop breathing. Loving The Walking Dead and feeling like one is a whole other thing.

So off to the ER we went.  My vitals were good but they put me in a room and watched me a bit.  I got better after a few hours when the meds wore off.  

I am thinking the hole wasn't so bad ya know?

I do feel a bit better this morning, and I hope I have gone over that recovery hump and am on the mend. Thanks for all the prayers and love. So many more people have it worse than me and I appreciate your kindness.

Have an awesome Tuesday (had to look it up) and thanks for stopping in.

Make it Stop!

Three stooges dentist

Wednesday they put the metal implant post in my bone for my tooth to go on in 3 months after it heals.

Every day the pain gets worse, the Doc says it's normal...this can not be normal. I am off to dentist to see what is up. How many pills can I take? Right now it's 3 motrin, then three hours later 2 tylenol and then back to the motrin three hours later, this goes on all day long...I can't get anything done, and I'm mean and miserable as an old bear.

Think happy thoughts and they can fix it.

Have a better Monday than me and thanks for stopping in.


15% off Stamp Sets Ends Today



  • Dates: October 19-23, 2015
  • Host stamp sets, rotary stamps, and supply list stamp sets are not eligible for the 15 percent promotional discount on stamps.
  • Bundles are not eligible for this promotional discount, but they will retain their current 15 percent Bundle & Save discount. The stamp set from the bundle may still be purchased ala carte with the 15 percent promotional discount.
  • Stamps purchased using a 50 percent Stampin' Rewards discount will not be available for this 15 percent promotional discount. Stamps purchased using Stampin' Rewards discounts will still be 50 percent off retail value of the stamp set.
  • All order types qualify for this promotion.
  • There is no limit to how many discounted stamp sets can be placed on an order.
  • There is no minimum purchase required for this promotion.
  • Order Deadlines:
    • Phone: October 23, 2015 by 6:50 PM (MT).
    • Online: October 23, 2015 by 11:55 PM (MT).


Don't forget if you place an order of $40.00 (before tax and shipping) you will earn Country Dozen Reward Points . 

If you need your own Hostess Code in order to earn Hostess Benefits please let me know so I can give you one before you start your order, you only need a Hostess Code if you are ordering under $150.00 and will be ordering again within 30 days.

To order, please head on over to my online store!
Update: I'm still way sore from my implant, today is worse than the first couple days, Doc said that was normal. Thanks for all the sweet messages they make me feel better.
Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping in.