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This Week's Deals

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My very first Convention 16 years ago I got my Convention back pack handed to me by the sweetest man, Cherokee. Over the years at events I would look forward to seeing him to get a hug.  After a few years he did not work the events anymore so I didn't get to see him.

When I earned my first Founder's Circle 6 years ago I was so excited to see Cherokee at Kanab when we toured the manufacturing plant, he remembered me and I got that hug once again. I have been getting one every year since.

So this was the last Founder's Circle because Stampin' Up! is going global. It sure was bitter sweet.

As we walked out to the rock to get our pictures taken I told the girls that Cherokee is usually out there to take pics. But I didn't see him so I figured he was working inside.

I stood by the rock to get my picture taken, we were sqwishing each other...will show those another day, I still need to upload all my pictures.

As I stood there the girls looked off to the side kinda scared like and I was like OMG! was it a bug or something on the rock.

Winona sent me these pics. Too funny.


I turned to see what was on the rock and Boo! Cherokee was photobombing me and scared the poop out of me!!! He said he seen me coming and hid behind the rock...too funny you can see Winona (I think) sqwishing me in her picture.


Realizing it is not a big bug going to eat me, but a Cherokee!!


I told him to get his self around the rock so I could get my hug!


Sure will miss seeing him each year.  

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.