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I had the best Granny in the world and she was a character, the older I get the more I am like her and little things she did that drove me nuts...I now do and they still drive me nuts...luckily the storage of the mayonnaise is not one of them.

OK so my sister and hubby know where this is going.

We were at my Granny's one time and I think we were making sandwiches and she had this little jar of mayonnaise in the fridge and we used it all up, so we said "Granny we are out of mayo" and she said "I have more" so then she got under the cupboard and pulled out this 100 gallon jar of mayonnaise...did you see I said cupboard...not fridge.  So she opens up the big jar and starts to fill the little we are like..."OMG! Granny you can't use that mayo if  you don't keep it in the fridge after you opened it".  Now I admit they kept their house cool and it is Canada which is not Arizona...but still...we quickly threw it away and said "maybe this is why you get the poops once in a while Granny" although she used the word trots.  I sure do miss her, and I hope Granny and Poppa are together eating delicious sandwiches in heaven with fresh mayo every day.  I hope you enjoyed that little story and you will still remain a blog reader...(this would be considered a "this n' that" part of the blog) if I have offended anyone it was not my intention.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

P.S. I hope to see you back here tomorrow!!