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Red Shoes, Blue Shoes and the Jokes on Me...

This Week's Deals

July's Mini Masterpiece - Earn Your Own Handsome Cowboy

Clearance Rack is Updated

7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

Red Shoes

Super cute right? J-41 Orchid is what they are called.

Blue Shoes

My feet look so big in these ones I think. Converse Fountain Blue are these.

I got two more pairs (dress shoes) and it was a screaming deal of buy one get one half off. I love me some new shoes and when there is a sale...I am so happy happy!

So tonight I go out to lock up the ducks and they are no where to be found. Well they can't go anywhere but in the hen house so I bend down and look in the little door and say "are you in there?" I hear "little quacks, little quacks!" and I am like "you come out of there you don't sleep in there you have your own house" I hear "little quacks, little quacks". So I go out of the run and just about get to the hen house door to open it up and out they come down the chicken ramp. I hear "BIG quacks!!! BIG quacks!!" which if you ever listen to a duck when they are loud it sounds like they are laughing and I swear they were playing a trick on me! They just kept quack laughing at me.  So then I locked them up in their house and I said "yep the jokes on me" and then they quack laughed even louder.  Those rascals. Gotta love 'em.

July's Christmas Card of the Month Class packets

I am trying to get my July Christmas Card of the Month packets out in the mail before I leave for Convention, I said they wouldn't be mailed till after I got back but I am hoping and they are almost ready. 300 cards is a lot...but I so appreciate everyone signing up for the class. You are going to be so happy when come the Holiday season all your cards are going to be ready to mail, no stress.

Let me know if  you want to do the August Christmas Card of the Month Class in the Mail, people are already signing up. If you don't want to miss classes and events make sure to sign up for my Free E-Newsletter over in the right hand side of my blog.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.