Leaving on a Jet Plane

If I'm Sqwirming...

...it could be the worms.

We had a great flight into Orlando and it was awesome seeing everyone here so far. We ate late and I was starving they asked how I liked my burger and after hearing how the waitress described the medium well burger I went with medium, I think we all did. 

Now I will admit if Jeff had of brought me a burger from the grill that pink inside...not bloody just pink, I would have put it back on the grill.  But Barb promised me I would be fine.

I mean it's not like we went to Micky D's, and they asked how we wanted it cooked so I have to believe it was better hamburger than a fast food place, but just in case you catch me a wiggling....that might be why.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in...even if I am obviously not stamping...yet.

Big hugs, Di  - on location Orlando Florida