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Happy 30th Anniversary
A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Wow 30 years seriously just whizzed by, I mean how have we been married this long and how can we be this old?

Young Jeff

One boy.

Young Diana 2

One girl.

I am sure at this age we thought the opposite sex had cooties. I'm sure Jeff tugged on a pony tail or two and I probably stuck my tongue out a time or two at ucky boys.

Teenager Jeff

One teenage boy.

Teenager Diana

One teenage girl.

I'm sure by this age a kiss or two may have happened...well not with each other cause we had not met yet.

Jeff and I dating

Soul mates.

Definitely kisses have happened by fact we were going to be married.

Our wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Boy and Girl...I mean Jeff Gibbs

Jeff & I formal

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

I love you so much, here's to 30 more...I say we go for at least 100!!!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di