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OK well maybe not quite but boy I sure hope this cooler weather stays from now on. It was so nice today. I had my 10/10/25 All New make up class today, and then I had to figure out my Christmas card class. Usually my classes are not close like this...Mother Nature sure messed with this trying to stay organized girl.


So now that today's class was put away it gave me my empty totes so I could figure out the next one. I put what each card will need in or on the tote, this way I know what I am short on and I order what I need.  So a couple hours later, it looked like this.


Thank goodness I got some great swaps from Founder's Circle to case.  I got my order all placed and when it gets here it just has to be scored, cut, and stuffed for class, it will take longer than a couple hours of course, but I usually have on music or a movie and it goes pretty fast.

Well that being said this old gal is hitting the hay.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.