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Ok well they are not really people but they sure are funny.

I went out today and Dewy is standing on one foot with her head tucked under her wing.


How she was not falling over is beyond me cause I tried it and almost fell over...and Eric laughed when I tried it.  He was home today with a toothache and a dentist appointment...he needs his wisdom teeth pulled out. It made me think it was Saturday today...doesn't take much to mess me up.


He wanted a bit of breakfast so he could take his meds.  Isn't he so cute?

So back to the ducks...they have a thing for chrome, Jeff has an old car he is going to restore and they go over there and mess with the chrome, when Jeff comes in the drive from work and parks they do the same with the chrome on his truck.


Do they think it is water? Are they looking at themselves? Do they think it is another duck?  So I thought well if they want to look at themselves I would hang a mirror by their water.


This water starts out clean every day, and in no time they have it full of mud...look at the mess on the fence....oh and the mirror?  Huey was looking at himself forever, tap, tap, tapping the mirror "hey handsome...I can't wait till tomorrow, if I look this good today just think how good I'll look tomorrow" (yeah that is my hubby's favorite saying!!!)...but then he went back to the chrome when Jeff got home.


Probably cause now he can't see himself cause it is covered in duck nose marks. Ha!

Oh and check out our cactus....


...pretty eh? It was here when we moved and barely stuck out of the ground.


I was trying to get a bee to land on a flower when I was taking the picture, but no luck.

Well I better get off here, I just watched the first episode of The Outlander and I am sure I'll be dreaming of men in kilts. Aye!!

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.