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Beautiful Bunch with Blendabilities

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Beautiful Bunch with Blendabilities close

Last night the wind was whipping around again and also thunder and lightning so I turned off the computer and went to bed, I figured if we were gonna get carried off I wanted to at least be beside Jeff. Besides I couldn't do much with Toby on my lap shaking like a leaf.

So of course we didn't get squat for rain.  Maybe today. We certainly need it.  It is a lot cooler though this morning so that is good.  

I got the girls pen all raked up and Jeff added some new sun screen netting as the wind tore the tarp all to pieces. I was like eek! I forgot to do my post I was gonna do it first off, but here it is.

I have a Blendabilities class this weekend and this is one of the cards. The girls are getting the Old Olive, Daffodil Delight sets and the Color Lifter when they come to class. Other colors we use will be mine that day.

I saw a card like this by Mary Fish and I just changed it up a bit. Thanks Mary!

Beautiful Bunch with Blendabilities Full

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Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

Still Pinching Myself

Get Your Blendabilities Now!

Class in the Mail - Kinda Eclectic

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This Week's Deals

7 page PDF - How to Watercolor with Ink Refills

The wind is whipping around right now so I thought it would be the perfect time to post some pictures from Convention, I am so bad, every year I say I am going to take more pictures and then I don't. Grrrr...

Oh I had to present this year on Balance, so if anyone took any pictures (that I don't look like a dork) during class please send them to me ok? Thanks!

Convention 2014 047

The first night we always go to Benihanas, here is Barb & Rute.

Convention 2014 051

Marcy & Val, had a flight delay and just made it.

Convention 2014 052

Marcy and I, well my big head is in the way, and this is before awards night, can you just imagine?

The other pictures were too dark, we were in two different tables.

Convention 2014 003

Yay! Way to go Rhonda, she earned her first incentive trip to Washington, DC.

Convention 2014 105

My sweet friend Wendi and I chatting it up in the recognition room, wondering how our kids keep getting older and we don't.


We could hold signs of what we had done during the year, didn't think to go back after Awards night and add two more...some girls had other peoples hands holding their signs, like photobombing arms, those were funny!

Convention 2014 222

Some of my girls, wish we could always sit together, but its hard when there is 4K or whatever Demonstrators there, plus I sit up front so I can read lips.

Convention 2014 223

This was too cute, Becky does not like to walk on stage so I had to drag her up there, does she look like she is not having fun? Nope, it does however look like we dressed alike...ha! I'm so excited to be on the Advisory Board with Becky this year, we teased to the other girls that since Becky and I are deaf it will be the loudest speaking Advisory Board ever. Ha!

Convention 2014 297

Susan won a door prize! Yah!


Gabby and I being cowgirls, I loved the way it was all set up.


I snagged this picture from Marcy, we waited in line to chat a bit with Shelli, she is always so gracious with everyone.  Hubby Sterling sits to the side and eventually he will move the sign so no one else can get it line, if he does not Shelli would sit there for hours visiting. Gotta love her.


This one is dark, grrrr....Jacque, Barb, Tari, me and Gabby. Fun girltime!


We could do some shopping from the new Holiday catalog, I only needed a few things!!! Hey it was under 50 pounds!!!!


This one I stole from Tari, cause I loved it and I love her!!!


Tari and I


Awards night, Kelli-Sue said stop in the middle and wave, so I did, holding my Founder's Circle purse. Did she know something I didn't know? Cause about half an hour or so later (well really I don't know how long, time kinda stops at awards night)...


...this happened. Winona, Kay, Julie, OMG! Me!!!, Colleen and Becky were all asked to be on the Advisory Board this year, I still seriously shake my head and go, really? Is it real?  This is my pointing at Winona cause I was so excited to see her.   I know almost all the girls so that makes it a little less nerve wracking. I started a FaceBook group for the 6 of us so we can get to know each other better before the retreat.  

To tell you the truth Advisory Board was on my bucket list (in little tiny letters), because it was something I did not have control over...go to Paris, I can do that, go to the see the statue of David, I could do that, but Advisory Board was really out of my hands. So I am so honored, humbled, and excited to do my best to be the voice of the Demonstrators out there.  I hope to do everyone proud.  Jenny  who was on the board last year, hugged me and said "a word of advice, you are a sounding board and not a decision maker", and I loved that advice and will remember it.


Here's a better picture. Note to self, buy shoes with an ankle strap.


So when Shelli said my town and name, Rhonda screamed so loud and hugged me. Love you!!!


Sweet Barb


Cutie Gabby


My sweet California girls, Susan and Ashley


My flowers a week later, I dried them, not too bad eh? I wonder what it would be like if I got silk leaves to put in there instead of the dried ones. I am a stamper, not a dried flower arranger.

Well that should do it. Thanks for listening so long.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.


Class in the Mail - Kinda Eclectic

I saw so many cute samples using this stamp set at Convention, I now have to decide which ones to do for class.  I will not be offering this class in my studio, it will be a Class in the Mail only.
I hope you are as excited about this class as I am.


You will receive your own "Kinda Eclectic" stamp set (clear or wood mount) and the supplies needed to make 4 projects, mailed to you by priority mail.
I only have a limited amount of class kits available, so please don't miss out.
You will need to use your own new stamp set plus inks and adhesives you have at home to make your projects.  If there are punched or Big Shot pieces those will be included in your class packet. 
Prepaid class fee is $45.00 (wood mount) or $37.00 (clear mount) and that includes priority postage.
In the Mail Class fee due no later than July 31 (or while supplies last). If you are interested please let me know if you want wood or clear and I will send you a paypal link. Thanks so much!
I will mail class packets around August 14. After I send out the class in the mail kits I will email you a PDF with close up pictures as well as a link to a private video so you can see how to make the projects. It's like having me in your home.
You will need to email me at to get the paypal link for the class fee. I am doing this so that I can keep track of how many class in the mail kits are ordered.  I can only do so many.
Please note that my classes in the mail are only available to be shipped within the US. Thanks for understanding.
What if you already have the "Kinda Eclectic" stamp set but you still want the class in the mail? Just let me know what other item at the same price you would like (it must fit in a priority envelope) and you will get that with your class supplies instead.
If you have any questions, please let me know. 
Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

RIP Maggie


Wow I wasn't expecting to lose one of the babies (well they are big girls now, but I raised them from babies) before Fiji since she is the oldest. They are not even a year old yet, but today's 116 or whatever temperature it was was too much for her. I got busy and forgot to put their ice block out, they have a fan but they stand on and around the ice to stay cool. Then I left and when I got back home I went to check eggs and she was in the nesting box with Shirley, and I don't know if she tried to get out and Shirley was blocking her way or what, but I got her out and she was still alive, and I brought her in the house and tried to get her to take some water, she made a couple peeps and died in my arms. Then I went out to check on Shirley cause she was wobbly when I took her out of the nesting box.

She was not good either, Trish was here and she was helping getting ice and everything, thanks Trish!! We got ice out to the girls in the run and a bucket of water, they have their chicken fountain but maybe it is not enough water in this heat. Although the girls outside in the run were hot but not bad like Shirley and Maggie inside the hen house.


Then we brought Shirley in to cool her down, she could not even stand up when we brought her in and she was panting hard. We gave her bits of water and she would drink it off our fingers. It took about a half hour to see improvement.


Trish took this picture as she was leaving, she used to be scared of chickens, not anymore. Shirley stood up as Trish was leaving. Once she was all better I put her back out with the girls and all is well, I wish I could have done the same for Maggie. I went and got a watermelon for them, and hosed down the run to keep it cool.

I called Jeff at work and told him about Maggie and he said he would bury her when he got home, I asked if he could make like a screen door type of thing that I could put up during the day and look what he did as soon as he got home. It won't keep a dog out but it will keep the girls in and I lock them up at night.


God blessed me when he made my hubby for me, I don't know what I would do without him and I pray I never find out. Thanks honey, I love you.

Thanks for stopping in. Hugs, Di