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On the way to Illinois to see Jeff's Mum & Dad. Plus my sister Courtney and her hubby J and my adorable can't wait to hold her, kiss her, tickle her, love her niece Daphne are coming there to see we are on a mission...

The View From the Backseat - the men

The back of the guy's heads.

SU trash container

My cute little SU! garbage bag we got on the cruise.

Walking dead

I can watch almost three episodes of The Walking Dead and then I run the battery down on my laptop, my Nitro has a plug in but it will not charge up the laptop, so then I get out my tablet and mess with it on Hulu...if we have a good connection, if not I read my Nook...ha!

Find this stuff

When I am not sleeping, reading, or watching tv Jeff also gave Eric and I a list of stuff to find. Eric keeps saying "is that on the list?" like a million times... I mean it's worse than "are we there yet?" or "I gotta pee"...Jeff is second guessing the whole list idea, and has said on numerous times where we can put the list...ha!

The back window

The back window.

The luggage

The luggage, cooler and food...and here I thought I might want to do some antiquing...where the heck would I put it? I am already sharing the back seat with a box...I can hardly lay down...ha!

Wind things

These neat wind things along the freeway in Texas, my Mum and Dad have one on their farm in Canada.

Painted cars

These cool painted cars sticking out of the ground but I could not get my phone out fast enough to get a good picture as we zipped on by...I don't have to stay in the backseat all the time, Eric and I switch off once in a while.

More later, the guys are sleeping and I better turn this off...have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.