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So how many times do you open up your new stamp set, take out all the pieces, get it all mounted and then try to put the blocks back in the box?  Like a square peg in a round hole isn't it?

Well Diana to the rescue.  When you open up that new set and you see that the blocks only fit in the box one way you might want to do this.

Pop out all the pieces of rubber and lay them with the correct blocks and then take a picture. As you can see mine had been mounted and used a few times before I thought to put the picture in the box, I had it on my phone and had to keep opening it up to see it to put it back.

How to fit your set in the box copy

I put the picture underneath the plastic film that holds the stamp label on the box, you could glue it to the inside of the lid but it stays just fine under the film.  Now when I take out the set I know how it goes back in the box every time.

Sure go ahead and thank me...especially now that your hair will start growing back.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.