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The other day after I dropped our taxes off I stopped at TJ Maxx and picked up some new clothes and some books for Daphne and I also got this very pretty bowl to sit on the counter with my colorful eggs in it.


Isn't it pretty? They had three of them and I was tempted to get them all, but I resisted. Look at what a couple days does.


There's a few more eh? I love looking at them. In fact yesterday we got 7 eggs!!! Mindy now seems to be broody, but not being mean like Mork, just more babysitter-ish. "Are you done laying those eggs, well I'll sit on them for you, run along and scratch the dirt outside, I got ya covered." She lets me lift her up to get the eggs at least.

Yesterday I also made pickled beets, we have a local farmer that you can order stuff from and they deliver it, and I snagged some huge beets. It has been years since I have made them and had to ask my sister Jacqui for Granny's recipe.


Look how big they were. Jeff said they were too big, but my sister said no that this way you cut them up instead of getting the beets when they are little tiny, so after hours (it took forever it seemed for them to cook), I did the pickle juice and got them in the sealer jars.


It made 5 jars and tonight we actually opened one up and had some at supper, and they were delicious, (I love making something that tastes good for Jeff, makes me feel like a great wife) Jacqui said to wait a few weeks to open them, but we couldn't. A few people said to hard bowl some eggs and then peel them and put them in the left over juice. I think I will try it...hmmm....where will I get the eggs? I feel so Julia Childs...ha!

I'm gonna say night and head to bed. 

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.