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Another fun card from Spring Fling to show you today, this was also using the Fresh Prints DSP Paper Stack. We colored the wooden heart with some red ink. Don't use too much ink or it takes forever to dry, especially the red.

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So I finally watched The Voice and thought I would give my two cents. I also turned into American Idol and I see that Survivor has started too, so much "reality" TV, but will only critique The Voice. If you don't watch the show, I will say talk to you tomorrow ok? That way you don't have to be bored. Hugs!
Ok here goes:
~Christina Gimme was the first one and wow what a way to start out the season, what a power house of a singer. All 4 judges turned and she choose Adam as her coach.
It's nice to see Shakira and Usher back.
~TJ Wilkins was next, and he is a cutie and awesome voice. His voice totally did not match the size of his body.  3 judges turned and he picked Usher.
~Kristen Merlin - this is why I love this show, the judges can not see who is singing so they are judged only on their voices so it does not  matter what they look like. Kristen is beautiful but a little bit of me wishes she had a cute blonde hairdo and that her hair was not cut so short. I can not believe that Blake did not turn around. She picked Shakira.
~Tanner Linford - he is 16 and looks 10, he was a little pitchy and very gutsy for going on tv to sing, no judges turned. Hopefully he will try again as his voice gets stronger.
~ Biff Gore - what an awesome voice, 4 chairs turned, his brother backstage said he would pick Blake but he picked Usher.
~Dawn & Hawkes - Amazing!! I cried when they sang, who knows why, sentimental in my old age, I just loved the pure sound of it and not all the electrical crap. 2 judges turned...not Blake (what the heck?) they picked Adam
~Leo Gallo - He moved too much, this is a singing show not a dancing show, no chairs turned and they could tell he must have been dancing cause he sang out of breath.
~Jeremy Briggs - Nice singer, loved the song "Bad Company" - 2 chairs turned and he picked Shakira
~Jake Worthington - He is back from last season where he didn't get any chairs turned.  He is gutsy to try again, he totally listened to what they told him. He changed the song and he sang it reallllly slow, too slow I thought. 3 chairs turned, and he picked Blake, smart move...cute kid.
~Karina Mia - Beautiful Adele like voice, some pitchiness though. I am NOT a fan of the pierced nose that hangs in the nostrils..I don't mind the piercing on the side but when two things hang out of your nose it looks like shiney boogers...no chairs...Kleenex please...
~Bria Kelly - Only 17 years old, what a powerhouse of a voice, holy moly, love the raspy sound, and I love the judges comraderie.  4 chairs turned and she picked Usher.
~Delvin Choice - He sang last year and didn't get any chairs to turn. He listened to them and changed the song and had 4 chairs turn. He has the same crazy hair as last year. He picked Adam.
~Madilyn Paige - what an angelic voice, she reminds me of the little blonde from last year. 2 chairs turned and she picked Usher.
~Noah Lis - Singing for his grandfather that passed away (that tugs at my heartstrings), what a smooth singer and no one was turning and I was like what??? and then at the last note 2 chairs turned. He picked Blake.
~Keith Shuskie - ok really guy? are you serious? the mustache, the glasses, he looked like groucho marx. He did have big blue eyes though.  No chairs turned.
~Deja Hall - Shakira almost fell off her chair when she went to push her button and missed. She sang with her hands a lot. 3 chairs turned, and she picked Shakira.
~Cary Laine - sounded a little nervous and changed song a bit, needs to stand with her legs not so far apart. It was funny how Adam said sit in my chair, so then it was like each judge (except Blake) had her sit in their chair like goldilocks. She picked Adam.
There ya go 2 cents..or more. There is some strong competition so far this year.
Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.