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I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and had lots of yummy food and had lots of fun with your family. We stayed home just the three of us and that was nice. Jeff is working on something in his shop and I was going to mingle the girls today. We have had the babies for 8 weeks. Can you believe it? They say 8 weeks old is the magical number for introducing new hens to an existing flock.

Propped up

We propped the baby pen up on some bricks so they could come out and also have a safe place to go back to. They never did go back in, but Mindy did go in a few times (she is the same size as the babies) and the way she was acting today I was tempted to remove the bricks and leave her in there...never has a chicken of ours been so close to being eaten banned from the run. Clara was bad and she actually was banned for a few days, but Mindy was just horrible. I remember how mean her brothers were to each other.

Around the water cooler

The babies are checking out the water cooler.

Babies in the corner

Mindy picked on them so much and they huddled in the corner. They would not even do anything and she would go over and peck peck peck! Seems she has been the low chicken on the totem pole and she was letting them know that they are now. I think they get it Mindy, thanks!

I would have thought Fiji would have been the worst cause she is the top hen, but Stella and Fiji hardly gave them a second glance, unless they tried to eat out of the same dish. Mork pecked on them a little bit.


I finally got some exercise and turned over some of the soil so they could root around in it, that kept them occupied looking for bugs, I also stuck some new cabbage in their treat holder and suet in their treat holders and also lots of other treats here and there.

Mindy the brat

Mindy the brat. I swear I do not like her right now. That sounds mean, but it is true.


Laverne is saying "really this is where we are going to live?"

Aunt Bea and Polly

Aunt Bea and Polly...finally getting to hold them. They are so sweet!


Maggie, she is more used to me than the others as she has been held a few times. She does not limp anymore so that is good.


Shirley is so sweet too. I held all of them and will each day. At night time the big girls went in the hen house and then the babies were like "hey we can eat the cabbage!" but then it started to get dark and they were crying "Mamma where are we sleeping?" I crouched down and they all came running to me. I thought they would go back in their baby pen but nope, I even put Laverne in it and she came right back out. So Jeff took it out as it was taking up space anyway.  As it got dark I put each of them inside the little door of the hen house and they stayed in...sleeping on the floor in the corner but at least they will know that is where they will sleep. I hope tomorrow is much better. It has to be right?

101025 Thank you cards

I have a 10/10/25 Thank you card class coming up so I figured out the cards and supply stuff I need to order.

If you are going out shopping be careful!

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.