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Another cute critter from my punch class, I need to go see if I have posted all of them.

This one I found on Pinterest and as best I can figure out it is from Gay Howe, it is not watermarked (please do that everyone!) and as I keep clicking it never sends me to a blog or anywhere, so I will say Gay unless someone tells me otherwise. Thanks Gay, I love the moose!

Added since original post: This is actually Linda Trienes that made the moose, thanks Linda for correcting me...Hugs!!!


So today I went and got my hair cut (much needed) and a mani/pedi (even more needed since it had been since before convention...holy moly! So then I am driving home after all the pampering and got an ocular migraine, (thank goodness I was almost home) so came straight home and took meds and to grocery shopping for me. Not sure what set it off, maybe stress of the past week or so leaving my body, or they rub my neck at the salon and it was a little more squeezy today, maybe reading on my tablet was too bright...who knows.

So this old gal is getting off the computer.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.