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For the past several years my downline and I have gone to Benihanas the first night we are at convention. We joined with Rhonda's downline and a few sidelines and we took up 3 tables, it would have been 4 but a few of our girls didn't make it (we missed you!) It was fun, and it was hot too, here are some pictures of the night.

Convention 2013 011

Tari, Anne & Mary - look at those cheesy grins!

Convention 2013 012
Mary & Scott - we had a few hubbys this year!

Convention 2013 013
Connie & Donna - these two are neighbors and a riot!

Convention 2013 014
Melissa & Michelle - sweet Daughter and Mum, makes me jealous they live near each other

Convention 2013 016
Jacque & Mike - another hubby, they drove from AZ

Convention 2013 017
Nina & Barb - some more sweet grins and I see a twinkle in Barb's eye, she has something up her sleeve

Convention 2013 018
Kristen & Nina - fun sisters, again jealous as I miss mine

Convention 2013 019
Kathy & Camille - roomies and such fun to be around

Convention 2013 022
MAMMa, Shamim & Mari - beauties!!!

Convention 2013 024
We had the best chef, he was fun, and he seemed to like to play tricks, one time I thought he was squirting me with ketchup and I jumped! Can you imagine cooking this close to someone and throwing the knives and stuff? Yikes!

Well this old girl is off to bed, hard to believe July is almost over, this year is flying by ain't it?

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.