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Mimeograph Monday - Giggle Greetings

Superman - Super Dad


So Jeff wanted to see Superman, and well so did Eric and I...but I was forgetting that the movie just opened Friday, so when we went today the movie we planned to go see was 70% full so we opted to go to the next one, so that gave us a couple hours to kill, so we walked over to Frost and had a gelato...walked? did you say walked? in Arizona? in 110 degree weather? yes...not sure why they have outdoor malls in AZ but they do, that gelato went down really good, maybe by walking I walked off the calories. So by the time we got back to the theater, it was an hour before the movie and there was already two lines to get in.  

Guess what? I asked about the closed captioning, I always forget about it till the notice comes on in the theater and then I don't want to go out, but today I remembered, and oh my gosh it was amazing, I didn't miss anything. The movie was so good, I do think some of the stuff could have been cut a bit and make it not 2 1/2 hours long but it did go pretty fast and Superman, hubba! hubba!!

I took the picture before the movie started and didn't realize how bad a picture it was, but basically this machine sits in your drink cup and then it has this bendable tube and you position the reader so you can watch the movie and read at the same time. Whoever invented this, thank you! I am not sure if all theaters have these but they should, I won't go to a movie without one again. To make sure when you look online at your theater and movie times it will have a cc beside it. I just had to sign it out and I returned it after the movie.  It just started working when the movie started.  The previews did not work on it.

So that being said, I didn't get anything stamped, but that is ok, Eric and I enjoyed hanging out with Jeff/Dad and I think the old man enjoyed the day too.

Will be back tomorrow with something stamped ok?

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.