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Today Rhonda and I met to talk about our upcoming Fall Fest and we wanted to do some antique shopping too...it had been too long since we had hung out and done this...plus I had to meet Jeff after work to go look at wood flooring for Eric's room.

So we headed over to Rustic Hutch in Mesa, Rhonda had never been there before.  I picked up a cute dress for convention, a cute little doll blanket thingie for my new little niece Daphne, (ok is that not i before e, except after c rule??) some battery operated candles, an awesome work stool for Jeff's shop and I think that was it.  While I was there I saw this.

IMG_20130626_104747_670 copy
This is just a made in china to look old measuring cup with a light that looks like a candle in it. I thought this was cute for the kitchen, but then you always have to have it by a plug in and try to hide the danged old cord and well it was not old. So I figured I could work some magic, I mean I had a real old measuring cup at home I keep my measuring spoons in for embossing powders and stuff.

Then we headed off to Merchant Square, one of my favorite places to shop and Rhonda found this cute old-ish sifter (made in the USA embossed right on the front) and I was like yes that would work...so here is what I did.

IMG_20130626_203945_324 copy
I had the little cherry dealies at home and the candle holder that fit perfect in the sifter, I added my battery operated candle and voila'. I don't think I will always leave it on the window sill this was just for now but I can put it anywhere...no plug in required.  Plus the candles run for 8 hours and then turn off then come on 16 hours later. I first found these at my BFF Tracy's favorite store in PA and was so happy when I found them here...in fact this store reminds me a bit of Tracy's store. Let's see what else, oh I got another one of the receipt holder spikes. While we were there we grabbed lunch at Pittsburgh Willy's hotdog and channel 15 came in, he was selling hot dogs for $1.22 because in 1990 the temperature was 122, and I couldn't find if we were on or not, the guy seemed to be taping as I was eating my last bite of Chicago dog.

Then we headed off to Green Table Gifts that I have never been to. My favorite girl Julie has a booth in all the stores we were at, I always like to see what she finds, my studio and home have many things from Julie's booths. Too funny I was always like boy I would love to meet this girl and come to find out she is related to one of my customers and we have met now...small world eh? So we were looking around and Rhonda said "look at this" and it was an old wash stand, and I said I had to have it.  I have been looking for something to put my $1.00 stuff in.  I have a basket and everything in it is a buck, but I had no where to set the basket.  I toss in retired embellishments, stamps etc. and I wanted something I could leave out, and look at this.

001 copy
Before, pretty chippy, but cool.

002 copy
The enamel bowl only has a few little chips in it. The front bar is where the towel would hang. I took the stand outside and spray painted it...and...

004 copy
...ta!da! Not too bad eh? I made a little Pool Party sign with the Apothecary Accents Die because it was the perfect shape for an old chalkboard rub on I had. I punched a couple holes in it and these little silver dealies I hung it with came off I think it was maybe the distressing set or something, I had them in my drawer forever thinking one day they would come in handy...and today was that day.

006 copy
I love the bowl it is painted a Soft Sky on the bottom, and it comes out so when girls come to class and want to look through it they can just lift it out of the stand and take the bowl to their table and fish through the $1.00 stuff.

So that my dear friend is what I did today. Fun or what?

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in.