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I know, you come here to see stamping and I show my crazy antiquing and decorating things, and now today I show you again. So I said it would take a while to show you what I was doing, but I got up this morning and I was like I am getting the kitchen cabinet tops done, I used what I had bought the other day and then I kinda "shopped" through the house from my other purchases in the past and did it.  Of course I might move things around still but for now, I like it...here goes...Once Upon a Time...ok not really...

011 copy
This was the kitchen cabinet before (what is that called a pot shelf?) 

Here is the other one.

So yesterday I asked Jeff if he would make me some wood to put in the holes above the cabinets, you know where the cabinets are,there is like divots above and I had books, 2 x 4 pieces, whatever I could find so that the stuff had something to sit on and not be too low to see, (I mean I didn't care cause you could not see what the stuff was sitting on) so before I even got up he had it started.

IMG_20130630_103142_786 copy
Gotta love a man with a workshop and tools.  See he made it all even. I had originally put wax paper on top to help with the dust, but then it was too slick for the stuff, I think the wax paper would be great if you were not going to decorate. Then you would just switch it out every 5 years...ha!

IMG_20130630_105121_975 copy
I can't believe I am showing you this mess. I had pulled everything down and it had to be washed. You can see that I have stole my cracker and potato pots from the pantry.

Kitchen cabinet makeover 006 copy
Then I just started adding stuff, stand on the chair onto the counter, or the chair to the ladder, and up and down and up and down, and wait that needs to go beside this...up and down again...oh my gosh my bum and thighs are going to be so sore tomorrow, but really I should do this more often, it's a good ache and really I could use the exercise.

Kitchen cabinet makeover 007 copy
You can see I kinda just moved things around, I even grabbed the greenery from my studio to put up there.

Kitchen cabinet makeover 005 copy
Here's the full view...lots going on, maybe too busy, but I like it...don't mean it is permanent, in fact I moved something after I took this picture even. I took away a small pot behind the black chopper thing so I could see some white space behind it, as the right side seemed too dark compared to the other side. My old cow on top of the fridge...I mean I never know what to put on the fridge, do you have anything on the top of your fridge? The dishes in the cupboard behind the cow we never use so it does not get in the way.

Here's the smaller cabinet. 

I still need to do the shelf above the laundry room door. Nothing has ever been up there (except dust and a dead moth), so I just stuck a few things up there for now...will show another time...here it is naked. We really need to paint the walls but oh well...as MAMMa says "it is what it is".

So there ya have it...what I did today...but at least I stayed inside it was another hot day. We are getting some warning beeps on our phone for a dust storm, we just need rain so bad to knock down the dust and the heat.

Hard to believe it is July already...that means as a Demonstrator I can place my pre-order from the Holiday catalog!! Eek! If you are thinking about becoming a Demonstrator, I would love to have you join my great team. Give me a holler and we can talk about it, and you will be able get your Holiday catalog items a month early too.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.