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While I finish up my taxes Toby wants to sit behind me on my chair seat. It is my fault because that is what I did with him when he was a puppy. He wanted to be with me all the time and he would sleep back there, and when he wanted down we would go potty. So he still thinks that is his spot, he'll scratch and scratch at my leg till I pick him up.  He has gotten a tad bit bigger and my butt has gotten a lot bigger over the years, also I have different chairs with not as much space.  When he is not back there, I usually have a pillow back there for back support.

So anyway, when I got up to go get some more tea, look how he was sitting.

Dog or Goat 002 copy
Oops guess I forgot to take away the pillow...all he could do was go up. Poor bubba!

Oh and check out this fun video using the Stampin' Up! fabric on sale...I know I gotta get me some.


Well this is a quick post, I'm still click clacking away on the calculator.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.