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If you have read my blog for any length of time you probably remember when I was having the studio made over with new cabinets and counters. You would have also heard me talk about Mark, the most amazing carpenter and gentlemen I ever met, but most of all he was such a Godloving man. The first time I met him, his faith was amazing, not in your face religion, but just a man who loved God and was not ashamed to talk about it and I loved sitting with him as he talked about God and his family. I am so blessed to have known him, and even more when I walk into my studio every day and look at my beautiful cabinets I say "Thank you Mark for your amazing talented hands and loving your job".

Mark & Jose
Mark passed away on February 21, he was only 71, that is not that old anymore, especially the older I get. His funeral was today and I couldn't hear most of the people talking and telling their stories but it didn't matter because you could feel the love in the room and how he had touched the lives of so many people.  I loved that they had videos of Mark playing his beloved guitar and it was like he was there as he sang a couple songs, they had a photo gallery going with music playing in the background which I am sure was Mark, he was unreal on the guitar.I loved seeing the pictures with Mark and his family, from long ago till recent. It also made Jeff and I realize we need to take more pictures and totally get them scrapbooked and off the computer.

God bless you Mark, and like one of your friends said today, you have probably already started up a band in heaven with all your friends that were waiting for you there.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.