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What a Great Day!

Fun, fun, fun!

I met my hunny bunny Rhonda over at one of my favorite antique shops in Chandler called Merchant Square and we had the best time. In fact look at what I got...

IMG_20121229_104927_669 copy
...eek! This is it in the store, I didn't get all the dishes. Jeff and Eric came and picked it up and Rhonda and I continued to shop. Gotta love my men.  I paid the guys with a Chicago dog and a pop.

A few years ago I had found this hutch.

I think it was twice as much as I spent on mine today...but I didn't know they had layaway and when I finally found out the hutch was long gone, so I was sad as I really liked it, but I love the one I got way better so it was fate.

IMG_20121229_182805_255 copy
When I got home we moved the red shelf out and set up my new hutch, then I started decorating.

IMG_20121229_204803_878 copy
What do you think? It has so much storage that I don't even have stuff in all the drawers or cupboards yet. In fact I took out my little black jewelry box stand that I had in here and actually will use it in my bedroom for jewelry...ha! I moved the spinner rack to the other side and I have to figure out where to hang my clock.

IMG_20121229_204914_345 copy
Rhonda's sweet Mum gave me a couple doilies that were her Mum's and this one was perfect on the top.

IMG_20121229_205131_956 copy
Really my friends, I won't lie...this is the other side of the room...ha! See I don't keep any secrets from ya...ha! This needs to get tidyied up. Thank goodness I don't have any classes till next weekend. Yikes! They won't know how bad it looked...shhh....don't tell.

I got this cute little red clock.

Rhonda spotted this for me, I wanted another one. It is actually an old receipt holder, they are hard to find cause they are probably dangerous if you think about it. What I use it for is when I am cutting ribbon, I put it on the spike and then the spool just spins and I don't get the ribbon all tangled.

This paper towel holder screamed clucked to be taken home...I love it.

So wasn't that a fun day? Hard to believe this year is almost over eh?

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.