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I wanted to say a quick Happy Birthday to my little sister Jacqui...Happy Birthday!! I love you!

This is Jacqui and I at our little sister Courtney's wedding in 2011.

Christmas is over and I was working on swaps all day, so thought I would post a quick picture of the tree (that I need to take down soon - even though it is fake, I want to get the house back to normal - you can see Toby's ornament).

For Christmas we got a Blue Ray player.  Our DVD player had seen better days and had been acting up and most of the movies are Blue Ray now and they don't cost that much now so we got it. We figured it would be easy to hook up, just unhook the DVD player and voila' hook up the Blue Ray...well nope, they didn't have the same hook ups, this round plug would not go into this square hole.  I also figured out why people don't have entertainment centers anymore, poor Jeff had it all pulled out from the wall, he did this and that and nope. So finally we said we would use the HDMI cord off of Eric's TV and see if that works if it did then we would know what we needed. Yeah, that was it.  So this morning I am looking at the instruction book (Jeff looked at it yesterday) and it says right on the box too HDMI cord recommended...for the love of Pete.  I was not going out today (Boxing Day in Canada) to get a cord, I'll do it another day.

Ok enough of my blabbing.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.