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Halloween Tray 002 copy

OK maybe it's a frog on there, but that wouldn't be as cute in the blog title.

My downline and I got together today (we missed all of you that could not come) and we made our Halloween Tray Decor, and they are so cute.  I can hardly wait till my class this Saturday and Monday. I still have a few seats left, but you have to tell me NOW so I can get the supplies ordered...like really right NOW...oh I just got an email, was that YOU?

Halloween Tray 003 copy

I had to find a picture to put on mine. When Eric was the age for Trick or Treating we didn't have a computer and we didn't have a digital camera so everything is actual pictures in a box, or heaven forbid when I first started to scrapbook and I cut everyone out like around heads and everything...yeah try to fix that picture.  I told Eric I was looking for a Halloween picture and just like his generation he said "look online", I said a picture of him younger won't be online. So I found this one but had to blow it up quite a bit, but it still turned out pretty good. Jeff was a dead cowboy...with an arrow through the head and everything. I am not sure what Eric was, like a warrior or maybe he was a ninja turtle.

IMG_20120929_140131 copy
Here's me working on mine...well actually me taking a picture of my work in progress, nice foot in the shot!

Halloween Tray 001 copy
Voila' or should I say BOO! What fun!

Well this old gal is off to bed, I am reading Girl Gone and it is so good, have you read it?

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.