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I've had several emails asking for an update on the chicks and you won't believe the changes in them.

008 copy
This is Mork, she is a hen. Perhaps I need to change her name?

011 copy
One of the little black silkies, I still have not named them cause I can't tell if they are boys or girls yet and their coloring is not really changing. One has quite the mowhawk though. They look like ravens. They have pretty much eaten everything off the Firecracker Bushes, they seem to be leaving the Texas Sage plant alone, so will see if as they age they will let the plant grow back, if not I will take the Firecracker ones out and plant somewhere else and put a couple more sage ones in there.

013 copy
Can you believe that this is Butterball? He is a rooster (pretty sure). I am hoping a nice rooster cause I am still undecided what to do with the roosters.

001 copy
You can see his comb and his wattle a little better here.

014 copy
This is Chiquita, still hoping for a hen, but just not sure.  If she/he is a rooster her/his comb is not growing as fast as Butterballs, and she/he is bigger.

019 copy
Chiquita and Butterball playing in the mud, nice butt shot!

023 copy
Hard to believe these are my three little yellow chicks eh?

Remember when
Remember them at this size?

005 copy
They pretty much stay together.  They sleep together and everything. Now even Alice chases them away from food and stuff so they are left to fend for themselves, the life of a chicken I guess. I sure hope they get tamer cause they are really scared of me. I know Fiji at this age would follow me all over and she still does, that is the difference between a hen raised chick and an incubated one or one you bring home from the feed store.

026 copy
I got a feed recipe from my favorite blog Fresh Eggs Daily and they love it. The babies have to wait for the big girls to eat first.

We are having a major ant problem, today an egg got broken in the nesting box and when I went out to collect them there had to be a million ants in there.  I cleaned all the boxes out and put in new shavings and dusted them with Diatemacious Earth, but I wish there was something that definitely would kill them but that would not hurt the chickens.  I swear by Amdro in other areas of the yard but you don't want even one granual near the chickens.

Well I better get off here, I have stamp club tomorrow and my studio is a mess.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.