But it's a dry heat.
I am the worst...

Hey chick...

I wanted to share how big everyone is getting, so I went out and a took some pics and a video. Enjoy!

Here is Chiquita, she is getting lots of browns and reds and a bit of black on her. Alice has her eye peeled to make sure I am only taking pictures.

Butterball again
Look at Butterball, she is getting lots more black on her now.

Mork & Butterball
Mork and Butterball, see how easy it is to tell them apart?

Mork & Mindy copy
Mork & Mindy...hey I couldn't resist!

009 copy
The little black ones are harder to tell apart because their color is not really changing, I love the little mohawk.

023 copy
Looking in the big pen, still not sure when I will put them all in there. Maybe in a couple weeks?

Walkin the plank
Walkin' the plank! Aye matie!

032 copy

038 copy

036 copy

Fiji and I...love my new sloggers
Fiji and I, she pretty much is right by me all the time (I swear if you could house train a chicken she would live in the house)...I love my new sloggers. Keeps the chicken poop off my toes...hence why Fiji does NOT live in the house...ha!

041 copy
I haven't killed the plants yet...yeah! The girls love them. When I start to water, they can't get over there fast enough to play in the water, and see what bugs pop up.

028 copy
Chukar 15...ok just kidding they don't have names...BUT if they did...

..this would be Jack, Crissy, Janet, Larry (he's the one headed to his bedroom as he has a date - ha!), Mr. Roper (up stairs being all nosey) and Mrs. Roper (mingling with the roomates). Please tell me you know who I am talking about...ha!

Here's a video, so you can hear how cute the chicks are...


Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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