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I went to the grocery store this morning and picked up a few things and I also grabbed a watermelon for the girls. Jeff cut a hunk off and I took it out.  I broke off a piece to give to Alice in her nesting box, and when she reached for it, I saw it...a little chick stuck its head out! OMG! They are here...well three are anyway, there are still 6 eggs to go. I didn't think they would start hatching till the 30th, but maybe some had already been sat on before we got them.

005 copy
Here's the first little guy I saw, such a fluff ball.

004 copy
Then I could see another black one and a yellow one beside her.

Eric thought he heard cheeping this morning he said.

006 copy
Here's Alice saying "take a picture, it'll last longer" ha! Aren't they cute? I didn't think she would have black ones, cause the eggs were almost white. I can't get over how black their feet are. We never saw our girls this young.

008 copy

009 copy
I'm not naming them yet, till they are all hatched. I went out later and Alice had come down the ladder to exercise or poop or whatever and thank God I went out when I did as one little black guy was out on the ledge and would have fallen, so we quickly moved Alice, the chicks and the eggs into Fiji's old coop so she can hatch the rest and let these little guys get some size before they go in the big coop. What excitement!

Here's a quick video.

Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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