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This will be a quick post. Rhonda came over today so we could get Fall Fest figured out, and she left a bit ago, and it was around 11:00pm. It's after midnight now.

We took a break around 3:00 or so I think to get lunch and while we were eating a huge storm came up and rained and poured, we waited it out and then went home. On the way we saw like metal stuff in the fields and I guess a microburst went through while we were gone. Luckily it didn't do anything to our place (that we know of). But some of our friends have a mess to clean up, trees down, trees through roofs, roofs flying off houses...ugh.

The stupid bees are still up in the tree and if they are there tomorrow I am calling the pest control company. We moved Alice and the chicks as they were directly under it. Also when I got up this morning Jeff said that Alice was done laying and sure enough, the last three eggs were not viable, and she was not laying on them anymore, in fact she was covering them with dirt at one point. I said "what about these babies?" One was cracked but the little chick was dead and stinky so I threw it away, I left the other two in there, and then when I went out later she had just pushed them over to the door of the coop and her and the babies were in the back all snuggly warm, so I threw them away.  We are happy that 6 of the 9 hatched.  I will wait a few days before we move Alice and the babies in the big pen. We are going to enclose them in the smaller side yard pen they used to use so that they can get a big bigger but have more running around room, but with this crazy weather I am glad they are up off the ground.

I wanted to show you this gorgeous card I got from my friend and downline Kathya Hidalgo, she sent her check for Fall Fest in it.  I love it. Thanks Kathya!

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I better get my butt to bed, I have a workshop on Wednesday and there are 21 people going to be there, so I need to cut paper tomorrow.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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