They're Here!
Orchard Harvest

Introducing Mork

So the other little yellow chick I am calling Chaquita, as in banana. So when this little one was being hatched today I was like oh another yellow one, and then I was like well just like Mork from Ork emerged from an egg, we got to witness this one, so Tada! to be able to tell the difference as they grow.

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Here you can see the little chick trying to hatch, the other ones were curious and would peck at her once in a while, and even sit on the egg.

015 copy
Here they all are, and it didn't take long for Mork to fluff up. The two hatched today are really sleepy though, the three hatched yesterday are much more active. In fact Chaquita was pecking on Mork's feet, bad baby.

Here you can see Mork hatch, I think it's cool. I took it in a few videos as it took some time, and just put them together.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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