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I think I have mentioned before the significance of the time 11:11. If not here is a quick recap. My Granny would always read to 11:11 and then turn out the lights and go to sleep. Now she is in the home so I am sure she is not able to do this anymore.  After my Poppa died, when we went to the cemetary to bury his ashes when we got back into the car the clock said 11:11 and I told Granny that Poppa was sending her a message.  I can't tell you how many times I see 11:11 on the clock and I don't mean I see 11:10 and I sit and wait for it to change, I mean I am doing whatever and just look at the clock and there it is. I smile and say "Hi Poppa" and then what is weird is sometimes immediately after I say that it turns to 11:12 and I think he is answering me.  Yeah I know crazy, but still makes me feel good.

So Sunday I am in the house and I look at my cell phone and it said 11:11, then I looked at the oven and microwave and they both said it even though I swear most of the time the clocks are never synced in the house.  Then for some reason I checked the news on my phone which pulls up the temperature...and this is what it had on it.

Now lets hear the spooky music...that's weird eh? So anyway, I am like I better call Granny, I mean maybe this was a sign or something. So I called and she was at church, so I had to call back, and I talked to her a bit and she sounded awesome as usual.  She has trouble hearing so she can't talk long.  I think the home needs to get a better phone...come on already you got elderly people there that need to hear. But I thought I would share that.  Do you have any numbers you watch for? 

So I went to the doc today and I have aggravated the tendons in my arm, so I am to take it easy for 4 weeks...what? huh? does he know me? He gave me some meds, and a few exercsises to do so that my shoulder does not freeze up. I also had Mark come back and he is going to adjust my computer station as I know that is partly what is causing it, my arm is too high up for working the mouse and typing.

So since I could not stamp today, I baked instead. I have not made Hello Dolly Squares in years.

001 copy
Don't they look good?

002 copy
My favorite parts are the edge pieces, where it is extra gooey.

004 copy
Of course I'll eat a whole piece and won't just stop at the edges...ha!

Here's the recipe. It's one of my Mum's.

Hello Dolly Squares

1/2 cup butter

1 cup graham cracker crumbs (I buy the boxes of crumbs, but I guess you could crush your own)

1 cup coconut

1 cup nuts

1 cup chocolate chips

1 can eagle brand condensed milk (this is different than evaporated milk)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Melt butter in 9x9 pan. Sprinkle crumbs on butter and pat down. Sprinkle nuts, coconut, and chips in layers over crumb mixture.  Pour the milk all over this evenly.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool and cut into squares.  Let me know what you think.

I shared this picture on Facebook yesterday, so in case you didn't see it over there.

013 copy
Toby was feeling jealous with me taking pictures of the chickens and chukars so he found some of the staticky dimensionals backing and stuck it on his lip and said "see Mum, I am cute too!" What a love!

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Mimeograph Monday - From My Heart

Watercoloring Tutorial

Designer Series Paper Product Shares

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002 copy

Today I didn't do lots, I cleaned up the kitchen only to mess it up again by making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The rest of the time I just laid around, my right arm is still killing me to move it and I am going to call the doc tomorrow, I can't get over how much pain wears ya down.  I am hoping they can give me a shot or something.

When I saw this card in the catalog I knew I wanted to make it, and I love love love the new piercing tool, mat and the essentials paper piercing pack. This is a total must have on your wish list. Speaking of wish list...I need to do my 2 million blog hits candy, and I might just order a set of these to put with some other goodies.

001 copy
Stamp Set: From My Heart

Paper: Riding Hood Red, Very Vanilla, Fan Fair DSP

Ink: Riding Hood Red Marker, Midnight Muse Marker, Lucky Limeade Marker

Misc: Apothecary Accents and Label Collection Framelit Dies (I love how these work together), Framed Tulips Embossing folder, paper piercer, mat, essentials paper piercing pack.

Well this old gal is off to bed.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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The Chuk-lets in Motion

Just a quick little video to show you how big the Chukars are getting and so you can hear how they sound now compared to when they were little.


It's funny to see them running around.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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The Chuk-lets on the Move!

So today was the big day, the move from the brooders into the big pen.  Jeff figured he would make a door in the side of the brooder and chase them into Sammi's old dog crate.  I said "why don't you just load up the brooders onto the back of the truck and drive em over there and then open it up and let them fly in the new pen?" But Jeff had it all figured out.  Mary stopped by to pick up her order and we were teasing that Jeff was going to lead them over there like the partridge family.  He'd have to walk like them all strutting like...ha!

So Eric and I had to run some errands and Jeff said to be back by 5 as that is when he was going to do it. We got back at 4:55, and Jeff had them loaded on the back of the truck...hmmmm...did he do it his way?

001 copy
No he did it my way...ha! I love that!  I rode in the back of the truck holding the lids down cause man those babies wanted out of there and were jumping up and opening the lid a little bit. OMG! these brooders STINK!!!! I bet they are going to be so happy in their new pen.

002 copy
So here they are, they are so funny. They flew around and even went into the little holes for where they will lay eggs eventually. So right at first all you saw were like five of them the rest were hiding.

003 copy
Here's a better picture once they calmed down.  I opened the door so the screen is not in the way.  They are getting big eh?

004 copy
This little guy/girl flew right up on this tree that Jeff has in there.  

005 copy
Here's one waiting outside the hole.

006 copy
So the girls heard all the commotion and they were like "what the heck is going on?" 

007 copy
Clara is like "yep looks like the neighbors have moved in...and there is tons of them."

008 copy
Fiji is hoping that this will take some of the attention off of her.

009 copy
We went out when the sun was going down and they were a bit more calmer, I took some video as they were running and they are funny to watch, Jeff and I were laughing. They also sound like little kids laughing.  I'll post the video tomorrow, I have to get all my stamp club orders ready for the postman to pick up tomorrow before the local club girls get here.

My danged arm has been bugging me since we got back from Disney and tonight I was lifting a bunch of heavy stuff and yowza! Rhonda said it sounds like frozen shoulder, she said to put ice on it.  I swear this getting old is for the birds...ha! Perfect post for it then eh?

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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Top Ten Cards are Bloooming

Watercoloring Tutorial

Designer Series Paper Product Shares

Country Dozen Rewards - Free Stamps!

Join My Team for only $99.00


007 copy

Can you tell I love this set?  I just love this flower, and heck I have not even inked it in black and colored it yet...ha!

My direct downline earn FLIPs (First Level Incentive Products) based on their monthly sales, but my whole downline is eligible to earn a card if they are one of the Top Ten in sales each month.  It's just a little something, but maybe they can use the card at a workshop or class.

This is the Top Ten card for sales in May.  This is a case from Connie Babbert, I just straightened out the main image. Thanks Connie!

006 copy
Stamp Set: Blooming with Kindness

Paper: Cherry Cobbler, Midnight Muse, Whisper White, Comfort Cafe DSP

Ink: Cherry Cobbler, Midnight Muse

MIsc: Fancy Fan embossing folder - I am so glad we brought this design into a folder this year.

I better get me old butt into bed.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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